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Dining Chair Upholstery

Do you want to revamp your dining area? Hill Upholstery could be the answer you are looking for with our dining chair upholstery services…

Have you ever walked into your dining room and thought that it’s great, but the seating could be better? Have you ever invited people over for dinner and been embarrassed by the chairs you’re offering them? The chances are you may have experienced this at some point and, if you are nodding your head knowing your dining seating isn’t the best, then Hill Upholstery & Design could be the answer you’re looking for with our dining chair upholstery service.

When your dining seating has past its best yet the matching table is still looking great, it can be frustrating thinking that you’re going to have to replace both, or trawl across the furniture stores praying you come across chairs that you like, that match the table and are comfy. However, have you ever thought about simply getting the chairs reupholstered?

Dining chair reupholstery can be a much better option and will save you time and stress. Our skilled team have the materials and knowledge to get your chairs looking brand new again, with fabrics to match and complement any decor you may have. Whether you prefer something traditional or modern, our range of fabrics will have you questioning why you didn’t consider dining chair upholstery before now! Our range of foams and fillings mean that you can also decide how cushioned you want them to be.

When your chairs have been reupholstered, your dining room will look refreshed and you will be able to offer your family and friends comfortable, sturdy seating which will get you nothing but compliments.

All the fabrics and interiors we provide conform to all the relevant safety standards so when you choose to reupholster rather than buy brand new, you are not compromising on the safety of your family or guests.

We have carried out a wide range of dining chair reupholstery, including:

You can take a look at our case studies to see some more of our dining chair upholstery.

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