What is reupholstery?

What is Reupholstery?

Here’s a thought, inspiring interiors are an essential ingredient to a happy life. 

Whether it’s an occasional chair that’s been passed down through generations of the family, or a feature piece in the reception of your business, it is something that has become uniquely yours.

Whatever it is, there will ultimately come a time when a question mark hangs over its future. There’s a tear in the fabric, for instance, or the webbing is way past its best. Perhaps the pattern just doesn’t go with how you want your room – any of your rooms – to look these days.

Sometimes buying new furniture is not an option – the wrong colour or perhaps the wrong style – perhaps it just doesn’t tick all the boxes.

Quality furniture is not always easy to come by, but the good news is that as long as your existing piece has a solid frame to work from, then it can be given a new lease of life.

A simple recovering is the thing that will come to most people’s minds. That’s when an upholsterer changes the fabric on the outside, while leaving the rest of the chair alone. This can just be a straight replacement for an existing fabric that has seen better days or something entirely new totally suited to your lifestyle, your personality or your room decor.  You can now spend many more Christmases entertaining your family on your newly recovered chairs or the change in colour scheme in your business can also spread to your office or restaurant seating.

It’s like when Doctor Who regenerates. He gets a new face and character, but is essentially the same dependable chap you know and love underneath.

Quite often, though, other things can go wrong with a piece of furniture on the inside. It may be the webbing, springs, fillings or a combination of all that go wrong. But as we said before, as long as there is a good quality solid base to work from, an upholsterer can strip the piece back to the frame and build it back up again to mint condition.  That there is the art of reupholstery.

That family heirloom can be restored to the glory that your ancestors enjoyed it in, or it can take on your personality for many more years to come.

But an expert upholsterer’s skills can go even further than that. So once that occasional chair has taken pride of place in the corner of your bedroom, they could manufacture an identical one for the other side of the room or maybe a padded headboard for your bed to match.

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