Cushion reupholstery

When you pay a lot of money for your sofa and chairs, you expect them to last. However, we have had many customers come to us after spending large amounts of money on a sofa to find that 12 months down the line, they are no longer comfortable – or guaranteed! This is why our team at Hill Upholstery & Design spend time being asked to complete cushion reupholstery for people in Essex and London so that their expensive suite is back to the same quality they would expect – and with a much longer guarantee!

Are you unhappy with how your expensive sofa cushions are now looking? Contact Hill Upholstery & Design today to see how our team can bring your sofa and suite back to life!

You can see just some of the transformations we have completed on our cushion reupholstery case studies page.

Take a look at the video below where we reupholstered cushions from a leather sofa for one of our clients.

“OK, so here we have the cushion from lovely leather settee the settee is only a year old unfortunately the guarantee doesn’t guarantee the cushions – funny that – but inside this cushion – the lady has paid a lot of money for this settee – are springs which are a very poor quality and they seem to have collapsed making the cushion collapse, making it very uncomfortable, so we are going to replace that with reflex foam which has a 10 year guarantee on it. We have formed it to make it a nice shape and that will make her sit comfortably for at least 10 years.”

cushion reupholstery