Hampton Hill Theatre

Yesterday was a delightful day for myself (Helen) and Scott as we had the pleasure of visiting the enchanting Hampton Hill theatre, accompanied by the lovely Harry Jacobs. Our journey took us back to the heartwarming memory of earlier this year when we undertook the meticulous task of refurbishing a total of 142 upholstered seats in this beloved theatre, which plays a huge part within the local community.

Walking through the theatre’s doors, we were met with a sense of accomplishment as Harry guided us to the seats that had been lovingly restored to their former glory. It was a heartening sight to see these seats back in their rightful place, each one a testament to our dedicated craftsmanship. As Harry led us on a mini behind-the-scenes tour, we felt a sense of reverence for the hidden intricacies that bring the magic of each performance to life.

There’s something truly magical about an empty theatre. As we looked around I could imagine the buzz of bustling actors and actresses, hurriedly preparing backstage, and the hum of excitement that fills the air as the seats gradually fill with an eager audience. In that moment, I felt the tension in my shoulders dissolve, replaced by a profound sense of contentment.

The restoration of the upholstered seats was a project executed with careful precision, completed in four distinct stages to ensure minimal disruption to the theatre’s operations. Our visit not only allowed us to witness the fruits of our labour but also served as a poignant reminder of the enduring allure of the performing arts and the pivotal role that community theatres like Hampton Hill play in weaving the fabric of togetherness and creativity.

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